Hosting resellers can earn 100%

As an Omaha based web design, marketing and hosting company, Websnoogie, LLC has the resources to grow reseller businesses.

As a Omaha based web designMarketing and Hosting Company Websnoogie, LLC has the resources to grow reseller business.

White label resellers report at least 100% – 150% return on investment for Websnoogie’s white label website design and hosting services. This win is the no doubt low price for the company’s development and deployment services, allowing resellers to add a very decent markup. make web design resellers over $1,000 per website while web hosting reseller make up to $200 residual profit per account per year.

When a customer is a reseller and sells hosting for $200-$250 per year, you can resell them through Websnoogie and earn 100% – 150% profit. Websnoogie has some resellers that make 200% profit!

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Resellers make money with white label hosting

The simplest explanation for hosting resale is someone buying enough server power (space/bandwidth) from a trusted hosting provider and then offering it directly to their customers as if they were the hosting provider. This allows them to sell hosting services with no upfront cost. Resellers take advantage of white labeling. In doing so, resellers also generate a significant amount of revenue and build a business around it. Reseller hosting is scalable to an impressive level and allows the enjoyment of a passive revenue stream.

Websnoogie’s attractive offers for their service resellers

Websnoogie’s white label hosting program is a great way to get a Omaha web hosting (or from any location) as no server administration or maintenance experience is required. Websnoogie engineers take care of the technical aspects so the reseller can focus on selling services under their own brand. In addition, as a white label reseller customer, the reseller decides how much to charge for their services.

The benefits of becoming a web hosting reseller

Reseller hosting offers a variety of benefits.

The low cost associated with the hosting service serves as an incentive for potential resellers. The packages offered by Websnoogie are indeed financially attractive. In turn, the primary hosting provider gains more customers, which translates into regular revenue while providing increased visibility and recognition.

A second and most important advantage is that website owners and resellers can generate passive income.

Resellers have access to all hosting features included in hosting plans. They also have the freedom to determine which features are available to their customers. Websnoogie can do everything you need:

  • Set up web hosting

  • Set the domain

  • Install WordPress

  • Install the theme

  • And more!

Or just choose the web hosting setup and reduce the price even further.

Become a hosting reseller with Websnoogie

Websnoogie offers a 100% white label reseller hosting service with branding left to the reseller. The Websnoogie team answers questions quickly and in detail. They are the trusted support when resellers build web design and web hosting companies and reap the profits!


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