Even Mix publishes new article about its highly customizable Switch & Mix technology

The company’s Switch & Mix technology is designed from the ground up to be customizable. The technology allows owners to mix and match blades, mixers and shafts according to the needs of the user.

Even Mix’s latest blog post discusses how the Switch and Mix technology, as they like to call it, works. According to the company, the technology was developed by its engineering team to deliver the type of mixing users need without having to buy a new machine. In addition, shuffling and switching can be performed with minimal downtime. In other words, interchangeable mixers mean that a single mixer can serve multiple mixing purposes.

Even Mix is ​​a company known for its Electric motor and air operated mixer, some of the best in the business. However, many people may not know that the company’s mixers are among the best in terms of customizability compared to others. While the stem is 32 inches by default according to the blog post, users can extend it to 72 inches or anything in between to give them the length they want. In addition, the shaft can be changed quickly, regardless of whether it is a pneumatic or electric agitator.

Even mix

Now for those who may not know, the shaft and blades are among the most expensive parts of the unit. This means you can purchase a single shaft and blade combination, or select a separate set of blades for different types of blending. As anyone who has used a blender would suspect, a set of interchangeable blades and shafts makes a world of difference.

Readers can learn more about Switch and Mix from Even Mix by reading the blog post in full https://evenmix.com/switch-and-mix.

“Our mixers have revolutionized mixing machines in the truest sense of the word. Not only have we made it more efficient, but we’ve also made it highly customizable. In addition, there are no downtimes due to blade changes or lengthening of the shaft. The staff also does not need any special training to operate one of our machines. If anything, it saves companies hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.” Said one of the Even Mix representatives.

About Even MixTM

Even mixTM is best known for using the latest technology and aerospace engineering to build pump technology and state-of-the-art variable pitch blades that offer true mixing technology. The mixing blades eliminate the need for a pin when installed and the blades can be used underneath. This also means that the paddles or mixers can be used in both plastic and linear drums.


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