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Coffee337 is pleased to announce the launch of its website dedicated to all the important coffee conversations. This page was created by a coffee lover for other coffee lovers. Drinking this hot drink in the morning is a tradition in many households. Some like it dark, some like it light, some like it frothy, some like it black, some like it hot and some like it cold. Coffee is one of those versatile beverages that can easily fit into any home—a home where people have diverse tastes. This is a site that aims to honor this drink in every way possible. Wajeeha Nawaz – the lead author at coffee337 believes coffee helps billions of people around the world. It has several health benefits when consumed properly.


Some of the benefits include more alertness and activity, increased focus, and more energy throughout the day. Coffee contains ingredients that stimulate brain cells, allowing consumers to work for hours without tiring. It also improves and acts on brain receptors that contribute to fatigue and cognitive performance. So, here is this site to help people understand the language of coffee through the senses and taste buds of a coffee lover. This website aims to help people find the best products, whether it’s the traditional filter coffee makers or the ultra-stylish espresso machines that are currently trending on the market.

The site consists of helpful articles on understanding the difference between French Press Vs Drip Coffee Maker, how to brew coffee in a Keurig coffee maker, how long it takes to brew a coffee in a coffee maker, how to make a cappuccino without a coffee maker, discover the ten best travel coffee makers, how to use a filter coffee maker and many more interesting tips, tricks and guides. This industry is booming with a diverse range of products, from manual to machine products. These devices are changing the way people prepare and consume this beautiful beverage.

There’s nothing more divine than the fresh flavors that come out as these beans are ground. Many would become nostalgic at the smell, while others would feel therapeutic. This page also provides a guide to choosing these devices, starting with exploring the top ten coffee grinders. Do regular coffee drinkers need an expensive grinder, which one is better – Burr or Blade, does it really matter what type of grinder is used and does it change the quality of the drink? These and many other interesting topics are covered throughout the site. The posts were written by Wajeeha Nawaz (a coffee lover) after extensive research and experimentation.

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