Care Pathways and Integrated Medicine

Integrated Medicine

Integrated Medicine is a patient centered approach to care. It is based upon the four pillars that heal: interpersonal relationships, diet, lifestyle, environmental factors, and the body’s natural system of detoxification, repair, and healing.

A Care Pathway in Medicine

A care path is a planned sequence of actions that aim to provide high-quality, cost-effective and patient-centered health services. These pathways allow healthcare professionals to plan out the right steps to help patients meet their specific needs. They also improve outcomes.

Care pathways offer patients and healthcare professionals guidance on the best treatment options, when they should be administered and what stage to take. They can help reduce waste and errors, while still providing high-quality healthcare.

Disadvantages to Care Pathways

A major disadvantage of care pathways is that they can be time consuming for the professionals involved. They may need to work long hours, which can cause lower job satisfaction. They may also need to follow certain guidelines or standards that can limit the amount of freedom the professional has.

Care Pathways vs Integrated Medicine are often introduced in health services to facilitate organizational and management changes. This includes a change in the scheduling system for individual patients (level 1), capacity planning for the number of professionals and equipment (level 4 and 5) and long-term policies (level 5 and 6). These changes should be considered holistically. This is important, as health services are often a complex enterprise.

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